It’s Time
to Succeed.

An investment fund that invests as a partner in startups and companies in the high-tech, cyber, and fintech sectors, led by young men and women who had been convicted of cyber- and crypto crimes.

As a matter of principle, the fund will invest in those companies, accompany them with professional, commercial, and technological guidance and create the environment to launch them to global success.

Who We Are?

Gal Barak is a leading businessman and
entrepreneur who was a pioneer in the Israeli high-tech and forex field.

Already before turning 30, he ran
businesses in several countries and
generated billions of dollars in revenue.
Gal Barak himself has been convicted of forex offenses and so he sees this fund as his personal mission.

Our Vision:

The vision of Vantage is to provide
entrepreneurs, who had paid their debt to society, with an equal business opportunity and help them thrive financially, succeed in business and serve the community
positively, creating a better world where
talented and successful people do not have to commit crimes again just for lack of a second opportunity to do good.

A very high proportion of
those convicted of white collar offenses or cyber and
crypto offenses are men and
women who have contributed
significantly to the world’s
technological development
as we know it today. It’s all a
matter of timing: technology
and ideas considered
offenses a decade ago

are now traded on NASDAQ
by leading international
companies. Vantage will
provide a business and
rehabilitative framework of
mutual trust between people
who can utilize their talent
and intelligence for good
causes after having paid
their debt to society.

Vantage believes in the vast business
potential inherent in those men and women
who have already proved that they have
tremendous talent and fantastic abilities.
We want them to thrive together with us.

We Need You–

An entrepreneur and partner who
will join us for mutual success.

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